Building a static iOS Library

I’m using the instructions that I found here: iOS-Framework

But here are the places where things deviated thanks to Xcode 4.6:

(1) At Step 2: Create the Primary Framework Header, for some reason (I suspect because things got changed), it appears that specifying target membership for a header file no longer appears to work. From the notes folks seem to suggest using the Build Phases: “Copy Files” section to specify where and how to copy the files.

So what I’m doing is every publicly available header file, (a) make sure it’s inserted into the “Copy Files” list, and (b) make sure the destination is given as “Products Directory”, subpath include/${PRODUCT_NAME}

(2) At Step 3: Update the Public Headers Location, note the script in step 5 uses “${PUBLIC_HEADERS_FOLDER_PATH}” to specify where files are to be copied from. So in Step 3, we need to make sure the public headers folder path is set to something more reasonable.

In this step, set the public headers folder path (and also the private headers folder path just because to “include/${PRODUCT_NAME}”.

These changes get me to the point where I can build the framework after step 5.

There was one other hitch: you cannot include the framework project (in the later steps) into the dependent project while the framework project is still open.

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