Please resize your designs to test if they work!


I remember months ago making this rant on my Facebook account. Yet it still continues.

Okay, look: if you’re laying out a user interface for Android or for iOS, remember that on iOS the minimum feature size someone’s finger can reasonably touch is 44 x 44 pixels. (On “retina-resolution displays” this becomes 88 x 88 pixels.)

So stop designing what looks good on your gigantic 30″ monitor, and start designing for what will look good on a 7″ iPad Mini or an iPhone 5 or an 4″ Android.

If you really want to see what a design will look like to the user, take your 2048×1536 Photoshop and resize it down to 628 x 471 pixels. (NO, not 1024 x 768.)

On a typical desktop monitor with 100dpi resolution, a 628×471 pixel image is approximately the same size as the iPad Mini with it’s 163 dpi screen.

If you resize your design down to that size and the design looks like a muddled mess–well, guess the fuck what? When the programmer is done implementing your design, it’s going to look like a muddled mess.

And as the designer, guess who’s fault that is? The programmer’s? Think again.

The same goes for the iPhone 5 (196 x 348), the iPhone 4 (196 x 294), the Google Nexus 4 (405 x 243), the Nexus 7 (592 x 370) and the like.

Remember: your desktop screen is around 100dpi. The devices you are designing for, however, are not–and what may look spacious and free and open on your 30″ monitor at 100dpi will looked tiny and cramped and cluttered on a device with only a 4″ or 7″ or 10″ diagonal…

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