Dragging and dropping objects in GWT

If you want to add a click-and-drag handler in GWT, so that (for example) if you click on an image object, you can move it around (and drag content logically associated with it), it’s fairly straight forward.

First, you need to implement a MouseDownEvent, a MosueMoveEvent and a MouseUpEvent handler, and attach them to your image. (Me, I like putting this into a single class, which contains the state associated with the dragging event.) Thus:

	Image myImage = ...
	EventHandler h = new EventHandler(myImage);

Now the event handler needs to do some things beyond just tracking where the mouse was clicked, where it is being dragged to, and how the universe should be changed as the dragging operation takes place. We also need to trap the event so we can handle dragging outside of our object (by capturing drag events), and we also have to prevent the event from percolating upwards, so we get the dragging events rather than the browser.

This means that our event dragging class looks something like:

private class EventHandler implements MouseDownHandler, MouseMoveHandler, MouseUpHandler
	private boolean fIsClicked;
	private Widget fMyDragObject

	EventHandler(Widget w)
		fMyDragObject = w;
	public void onMouseUp(MouseUpEvent event)
		// Do other release operations or appropriate stuff

		// Release the capture on the focus, and clear the flag
		// indicating we're dragging
		fIsClicked = false;

	public void onMouseMove(MouseMoveEvent event)
		// If mouse is not down, ignore
		if (!fIsClicked) return;

		// Do something useful here as we drag

	public void onMouseDown(MouseDownEvent event)
		// Note mouse is down.
		fIsClicked = true;

		// Capture mouse and prevent event from going up

		// Initialize other state we need as we drag/drop

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