Does someone have some clarification on this?

New iPhone Developer Agreement Bans the Use of Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone Compiler


I am this close, and I really mean this close to having a working cross compiler system that can parse Java class files and convert them to Objective C. The goal is to allow me to write a computational module in Java, then recompile it into Objective C. (I have a working iPhone App that takes advantage of this, and I think it’s mostly bug free–it’s just a matter of finding time to package the system up and upload it for folks.)

My goal was never to write a Java layer to the iPhone API or build a framework to replace the API. All I wanted was to write a symbolic math module in Java and use that module on the iPhone.

But between the CoverFlow Design Patent which may require me to take down the FlowCover source kit, and the changes which require all iPhone code to be written in Objective C, C++ and C, I’m not sure if I’m a happy camper.

Does anyone know if I’ll be allowed to use my J2oc library to recompile non-UI libraries to run on the iphone?

1 thought on “Does someone have some clarification on this?

  1. I don’t think anyone will get any clarification until either Apple further elucidates or Novell/MonoTouch (or Adobe) posts a follow up. If your library produces ObjC code that is then compiled using XCode, that seems more likely to be acceptable. I am eager to see some follow up from Apple about the intent of the agreement language.


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