If you’re a head hunter, read this.

Yes, I do mobile development. But right now I’m working for ATTi in Glendale as a software architect–and I’m assembling a team.

What this means for head hunters:

(1) Unless you’re offering six figures and the first digit is a ‘2’ or greater–please don’t bother. It’s not that I’m making that much money at ATTi, it’s that this is probably the amount it will take to convince me to go somewhere else–especially given the fact that I’m a bike ride from work. (Never underestimate the value of a very short commute to a job you love!)

(2) Don’t expect me to send you any references. We’re hiring, and I’d be stupid to forward to you the good resumes, since we need as many good resumes as we can.

(3) Even if you have the temerity to contact me, trying to entice me to jump ship with the promise of a 20% pay cut, and expect me to start forwarding your resumes (that is, expecting me to do your job for you), at least don’t do it using some sort of automated mailer which–when I politely tell you to go away–then forwards me a form letter asking for my resume for processing purposes.

If you’re going to get 10% or 20% of my salary as a bonus for placing me at another company, then do the work necessary to actually earn that bonus. There is nothing in the world more annoying than a lazy and sloppy head hunter…

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