My experience with the App Store.

I’ve heard that it takes about two weeks–and over Christmas it could take up to three weeks–for your application to be cleared by the Apple reviewers and posted to the Apple Store.

Perhaps its because Invasion Defense is a simple game. Perhaps its because I’m not connecting to a remote network (high scores are your own high scores), or perhaps because I’m not doing anything particularly complicated–there is only two screens. I dunno.

What I know is that where everyone else is complaining that it takes your application 2 weeks to be posted to the Apple Store, my app took 48 hours.

Maybe its because Apple has hired some temps to review apps? Or perhaps Apple is applying some reverse engineering in order to determine the flow of your application from the NIB files and Objective C code in order to gain insight into how your application works, so they can then create a review and test plan for the reviewers?

It’s a shame because this next weekend I plan to redo the Chaos In Motion site to create an “iPhone” section, so people who click through to the support site gets something better than my blog.

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