Immediate feedback.

Invasion Defense feedback thus far:

(1) My brother wants to hear audio of the people screaming as they die a fiery death when a city gets blasted. He also wants to watch martians walk around when the lander lands, blasting cities from the ground.

(2) Things I forgot to mention in the instructions which I will revise:

You only get 20 missiles. Ten on the left, ten on the right. If the missile silo gets destroyed, the missiles in that silo are also destroyed, and a missile is fired from the other side of the screen, making things harder.

In order to advance past the lander stage and the flying saucer stage, you must destroy all the landers and all the flying saucers.

I’ll revise the artwork for the ‘about page’ in the next few weeks to make it more obvious. I also think an “Out” sign floating above the missile silo when that silo is out of missiles will reinforce the idea that you only have 20 missiles.

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