The Hacking Den.

So I’ve started a new blog at The Hacking Den, and I’ve included a number of posts there.

While my comments here on Chaos In Motion have generally been technology oriented and more commentary about technological ideas, The Hacking Den is intended to be a more practical hands-on learning site.

I figure it will take a few months to find my voice, and I do have a number of plans for that site, including doing video animations a’la 3 Blue 1 Brown, an fantastic site for math visualizations. My intent, however, is to use the same sort of visualizations combined with hands-on coding and hardware construction to teach a variety of topics in Computer Science, ranging from the mundane (such as constructing a 3D rendering engine for an Arduino, or teaching computer programming or user interface design, or even constructing hardware projects) to the more abstract (such as visualizing different computer algorithms).

Right now I’m concentrating on a few topics which have been of great interest to me: building an Orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system which calculates the relative position of the planets mechanically, and illustrating the principles of user interface design by building software for an Arduino equipped with a touch-screen.

Stop by and visit the new site and let me know what you think!

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