One way to secure your communications…

Security is, in part, about making it more expensive for a hacker to crack your system and obtain secure information.

Yesterday I noted that just because you wrap your protocol in SSL/TLS doesn’t make it secure.

Today I’ve been playing with Diffie-Hellman key exchange, using the 1024 Bit MODP key from RFC 4306 as the constants G and P in the algorithm described in the Wikipedia article. I’ve implemented this in Java using BigInteger, in code that compiles using GWT to compile to Javascript, in order to secure a conversation between a web front end and a server back end. The resulting key generated by the Diffie-Hellman exchange is used to seed a Blowfish encryption scheme which also compiles to GWT; packets are thus encoded using Blowfish and the shared secret from a DH exchange, then sent wrapped in JSON using Base64 encoding.

And just now I got the whole thing to work: I know have secure packets between a web client and a web server back-end.

That is the sort of stuff that makes me happy.

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