Things to remember: IB_DESIGNABLE

Some random notes about creating designable custom views in Xcode:

  1. Adding the symbol IB_DESIGNABLE to the view declaration just before the @interface declaration of your view in the view header will mark your view as designable in Interface Builder; the view will be rendered in your view.
  2. Each property that is declared with the IBInspectable keyword will then be inspectable and can be set in Interface Builder.
  3. The properties that can be inspected this way are: “boolean, integer or floating point number, string, localized string, rectangle, point, size, color, range, and nil.”
  4. The preprocessor macro TARGET_INTERFACE_BUILDER is defined to be true if compiled to run on Interface Builder. Use this to short circuit logic which shouldn’t run on IB.
  5. Likewise, the method – (void)prepareForInterfaceBuilder; is called (if present) on initializing the class only if it is loaded in Interface Builder.
  6. You can debug your views within Interface Builder; Apple documents the process here.

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