Scroll FlowCover to a specified panel.

I thought for some reason this code was in FlowCover. It’s not, so here it is.

The following routine, if added below -startAnimation: will cause the tiles to scroll to the specified tile, with pos specified from 0 to the max-1 tile.

- (void)runToPos:(int)pos
	int max = [self numTiles]-1;
	if (pos  max) pos = max;
	startOff = offset;
	startSpeed = sqrt(fabs(pos - startOff) * FRICTION * 2);
	if (pos < startOff) startSpeed = -startSpeed;
	runDelta = fabs(startSpeed / FRICTION);
	startTime = CACurrentMediaTime();
	NSLog(@"startSpeed: %lf",startSpeed);
	NSLog(@"runDelta: %lf",runDelta);
	timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:0.03

The way this works is to calculate the flick speed necessary to run the animation to the specified position, and runs the animation.

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