Things I got from WWDC.

(1) The number of laptops here is insane. It’s now lunch time on Friday, and I’d say 90+% of the people (including me) are quietly tapping away at the little keyboards and staring at the little screens.

(2) So few people here have product T-shirts. I realized as I glanced over and saw someone wearing a Parallels polo that product or project shirts are conspicuously lacking.

(3) The male to female ratio is even worse than my years at Caltech.

(4) It’s quite amazing feeding 5,000 fussy geeks in a manner of minutes. The logistics is interesting: they even put the tables you walk by at a 45° angle from the incoming line, in order to reduce knots since people can change course but cannot corner at full walking speed.

(5) Oh, yeah; there were all these amazing classes–but then if I told you about them, I’d have to shoot you.

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