1 thought on “Oh, joy.

  1. I am older than you by a few years. I think you hit the nail on the head with your comments about age. The late Prof. Robert Floyd (my Stanford advisor) once asked me why I wanted to get an advanced degree in theory rather than go for a “union card” in systems… being in my late 20’s at the time and having long suffered through learning 4 systems, I told him that I wanted to learn the fundamentals rather than arbitrary conventions that changed from OS to OS, I wanted to learn more about optimal algorithms rather than just finding “a way” to get the job done. Over the years I have had to make the step up into leadership but I still like to write code late at night.

    My latest passion is to revisit rendering hyperbolic and spherical tessellations (my senior project back at the University of Minnesota). You are right about kids, they took up a lot of time so sacrifices had to be made. They are grown now so I have free time to explore paths that I glimpsed earlier in my career.

    You are a thoughtful writer who obviously cares deeply about your craft. Thanks for sharing your insights, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.


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