I have never been a fan of corporate titles. I always thought they were silly. For me, all I care about is (a) how much power do I have to drive direction, (b) how many people do I have to worry about making sure they do their stuff, and (c) how much money do I make. Title can hint at these things, of course, and title does matter to recruiters who are less likely to promote you as a “Principal Software Developer” if your previous title was “Software Developer”, even if you have 20 years experience.

So today I’m happy. I believe on my business cards I’m about to get the title of “Guru of Code-Fu.”

1 thought on “Titles.

  1. You are more of a Grand Master of Flowers if my input is to be considered.

    On a large team, title is surprisingly useless when it comes to navigating how to get things done. However, as soon as you interact with someone external, a trumped-up title is a fine way to cut through any initial inertia or complacency that lucky individual might feel.


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