You know credit is tight when…

I got an offer from my bank to refinance my home mortgage. I’ve gotten these offers before, and the last time I did it I literally signed a single piece of paper–and the paperwork went through without any question.

This time I got an offer to refinance my mortgage to a fixed from the adjustable it used to be. Thinking it’d be the same process, I said sure.

Twenty three pages of supporting documentation later, and two documents missing (I need to call a couple of people to forward the documents) and I’m starting to feel like I’m receiving the financial equivalent of a proctological examination. Just as well: even though my current mortgage doesn’t adjust until 2011, I’d rather have the fixed mortgage–and I suspect my bank would like the updated financial information so they can repackage my mortgage as a high quality MBS rather than the junk that is floating around there, killing our banks.

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