Things that irritate me.

So I’m looking through some source code and I come across an unsatisfied reference to a library. The import package name starts with ‘org.lwes’. Custom and convention says that when you name a package in Java, you use your domain name to your company or organization, but reverse it: thus, stuff I write for goes into the top level package com.chaosinmotion. If I’m extra tricky (but I’m not) I would create a section on my web page for each component: thus, com.chaosinmotion.UITools would be documented at

So I go to, thinking I’d encounter some package maintainer for some random Java tools package–only to be greeted with the message “Living Water International – El Salvador’s web page has moved.”

Given that the code appears to be an event system (I’d guess ‘lwes’ is “Light Weight Event System”), I wasn’t expecting to encounter the Living Waters-El Salvador web site. Grrrrrrr…

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