WebProxy posted.

A final fix (turns out ThinkGeek.com sends an HTTP/1.1 response with a “Content-Type” header but no length, so I had to change the reader code to take that into account), and the proxy server code now appears to work with every web site I visit.

So it’s now posted.

This is a Java server program which listens to incoming connection and proxies (forwards) the HTTP requests to another server. This basically implements the proxy protocol, though this is a bit of an “itch scratch” on my part–so I cannot guarantee the code will work for you, even though it seems to work for me. It uses the common tools library that is also posted here–“common tools” being a nice phrase for “jar file which catches all of the common crap that doesn’t have a good home elsewhere”, and helped me exercise the bugs on my HTTP client and server code.

Of course if you want something robust and industrial strength, may I recommend looking at the Apache foundation web site instead? This stuff is small potatoes, but as I said, it does appear to work for me, so have at it!

Here is the web site with some information.

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