Oddities while building an HTTP proxy.

I’m building an HTTP proxy. Because I can.

I’ve modified the HTTP classes within the common library to allow me to build an HTTP server; it’s just a matter of taking incoming requests and forwarding them, spitting back the response.

Or so I thought.

One web site, hosted at LunarPages, seems to be sending a forward request (302) in reply to a request I’m making–but for some reason the Location filed is being munged. Instead of setting the URL to something that looks like:

Location: http://www.chaosinmotion.com/forwardaddress.html

I seem to be getting something like:

Location: http://www.chaosinmotion.com:80, www.chaosinmotion.com/forwardaddress.html

What the hell?

Once I sort it out I’ll post it–because where I work they have the firewall from hell, and I want a proxy server running somewhere so I can get my e-mail.

2 thoughts on “Oddities while building an HTTP proxy.

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