Chaos In Motion

Why SMS my GPS?

My parents, my wife and I were visiting the Rose Bowl Flea Market. If you've ever been to this market you'd know just how big it is.

At one point we were separated, and desperately trying to figure out just how to describe over the phone (using SMS, because it was just so loud out there) where the other had gone. And I remember thinking "if I could only SMS my GPS location to my parents, or them to me, then this would be a lot easier."

And so this program was born.

Meeting friends somewhere and you don't know where they are? Lost track of your family? This solves the problem of finding where someone has gone off to by allowing you to send your location as a link in an SMS message or by E-Mail. And you can save your current location so you can find the location later—such as finding your car in a large parking lot.