Recent Projects

These are some recent projects that I've had a hand in. Call it a sort of side projects resume.

For F2M2, inc.

The Daily Habit Android Application. Rebuilt the UI widgets and display components for Android. Included integrating with the back end and with video players, and building the animation transitions and activities of the application.

AE BestShot. Built the application from scratch on a short schedule for the American Eagle contest. Included integration into back-end for uploading photos and voting logic. Also built the near real-time image processing library (which provides functionality similar to Instagram, but much faster) for both the Android and the iOS versions.

For Odyssey Computing

Customized FlowCover source kit with a new layout of the tiles, which simulates flipping tiles in a way similar to the Sony Pictures iPhone app's filmstrip presentation.

A new application for the iPhone which allows you to send someone your current location without having to sign up for some messy and intrusive service first.

A list of the various products that I've posted around the web that you can download and buy.

Free open source software I've worked on that you can download.