Software Products

SMS My GPS for the iPhone; allows you to send and receive your location via SMS and e-mail, without having to sign up for some social networking site first. Currently in beta.

Invasion Defense for the iPhone; my first released application. Protect your bases from an incoming invasion force!

Color Picker is a simple Macintosh application which allows you to pick a color using HSV, RGB, and will copy the color into the clipboard in a variety of formats suitable for pasting into code.

Open Source

All of the open source projects below are available under a BSD-style license. The rational is that while I'd like to get credit where credit is due, feel free to reuse my code so long as you leave me out of it. And that includes commercial projects.


FlowCover is a simple snippet of code which uses OpenGL ES on the iPhone to create a CoverFlow-like effect. (Sources)


ASN.1 Library is a library that provides various primitives for reading and writing an ASN.1 data stream using BER, CER and DER encoding and decoding. This standard library uses a simple state machine mechanism in a hand-rolled parser to parse incoming BER, CER and DER data and can be used to build more complex custom parsers to handle protocols such as LDAP and SNMP. (Sources)

Common Tools is a collection of common routines that I have developed over the years in Java which handle core issues that are either not handled, or not handled to my satisfaction in the standard Java JRE. Functionality included in the CommonTools library include Base64 encoding, Network Support, UUID generation and simple XML writer support. (Sources)

UITools is a framework built on top of Java Swing which provides for application event management, model/view/controller support, dialog construction, document processing, and other common features of a high level application framework missing from the standard Swing framework. (Sources, requires Common Tools, above)

There are a number of other open source projects which I've documented on the Wiki; check there for more information.

If you have any questions about any of the stuff on this page.

All of the open source projects on this page is licensed using a BSD-style license.

My projects page lists the various software projects that I've been a part of.