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Come work for me at Cartifact!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, have a couple of years (or a few decades!) of experience writing software in Java (or heck, if you’re fresh out of school and want to sink your teeth into developing for … Continue reading

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On Memory Leaks in Java and in Android.

Just because it’s a garbage collected language doesn’t mean you can’t leak memory or run out of it. Especially on Android where you get so little to begin with. Now of course sometimes the answer is that you just need … Continue reading

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It’s not quite black magic…

Problem: I need to connect to an SSL socket while ignoring the trust certificate chain, so I can connect to a self-signed SSL connection. In particular I want to connect to an LDAP server using the Netscape LDAP library but … Continue reading

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Simple things: volatile

I’ve been watching some posts go by discussing the volatile keyword. Two observations. (1) In C and Java, the volatile keyword means “make sure changes to this variable are read and written out from the actual variable.” I’ve seen people … Continue reading

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Little killers: channel abuse.

Channel abuse. When you use a magic value in a particular field (such as a text field) in order to signify something else. For example, if you use a magic text pattern (like ‘XXX’) to signify the last record. This … Continue reading

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A surprising observation, or finding your own voice.

One thing that surprised me was the percentage of people who, on reading my code from my last post, took umbrage to the following line of code: if (null != (ret = cache.get(n))) return ret; (Okay, in all fairness, only … Continue reading

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How (not) to write Factorial in Java.

I will admit this post was inspired by How would you write factorial(n) in java? So excuse me while I rant in code: I have a point to make at the bottom of this article. Now most people who write … Continue reading

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two_cents++: Apple dropping Java.

Two observations about the whole Apple deprecating Java thing: (1) One of the biggest problems with Java on the Macintosh is that the Java AWT/Swing stuff is just bloated like crazy. I like Java Swing and the Mac implementation a … Continue reading

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And then Apple changes the Rules. Again.

So I uploaded J2OC, and had lost interest in it. After all, who needs a second “let’s recompile Java into Objective C” in order to build iPhone and Android applications, if Apple isn’t going to allow it? Then Apple does … Continue reading

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Something Funny Happened To Me On The Way To Release.

So I started playing with parsing Java class files, creating a cross compiler capable of converting Java class files into Objective C files. I even had a sufficient amount of Apache Harmony running so I could use a good part … Continue reading

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